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About Our Company

Starting in 1988, the owners of our company provided turnkey networks and business software solutions for our local small to mid-sized distribution and manufacturing companies.

Our services included Consulting, Network Configuration, Hardware, Software installation and custom modifications.

We were also certified for several of the day's popular small to mid-sized accounting and business management software products.

While being part of the pc revolution we recognized several key issues that prevented many companies from purchasing one of the quality accounting and business management software products that we represented.

  • A minimum up front capital investment of $25,000.00

  • The time and additional cost associated with implementation

  • The long term, unrecognized maintenance cost

  • Overall System functionality Accounting driven

Unfortunately this meant that most smaller companies could not benefit from automation due to the total cost of ownership associated with a powerful and flexible system that would meet their current and long term objectives. Let alone not meet the needs of key staff members outside the accounting department.

As the PC and Windows evolved, our executive management team made a commitment to develop a powerful and flexible software solution that was affordable, easy to implement and inexpensive to maintain.

Are we still ahead of our time?

After procuring the initial development site in early 1992, ORDERS Plus got off the ground and went from concept to reality. For the next 20 months ORDERS Plus was installed in several local sites providing an established user base required for the next phase; converting the program into a full fledged commercial application.

In late 1994, the first commercial version of ORDERS Plus was released and prioritized with the following objectives:

  • Easy To Use - K.I.S.S.

  • Implement within 30-90 days

  • Loaded with unique features

  • Flexible enough to address vertical-like requirements

  • Designed to simplify Sales, Production, Inventory Control and Accounting tasks

  • Inexpensive to Purchase, Implement and Maintain

  • Fast, multi-user operations on the Windows platform

The next few years were very exciting as our company grew exponentially and confirmed this niche was needed in the marketplace.

During that time we partnered with Manzanita software, the original developers of BusinessWorks, to integrate with their core financial modules. We also partnered with several other companies to provide specialized functionality requirements in which their area of expertise and existing applications provided the best value to our customers. We were also awarded a position as one of the Top 10 Small to Mid Range Accounting Products.

As our country's economic situation declined starting with the Dot.Com Bust (April 2000), Terrorist Attacks on 9/11/2001, Nimda Virus (9/18/2001), Stock Market Volatility (2001 - 2006) and current financial crisis (2007 - ???), our products continued to address the dynamic requirements of our customers. Not to mention, the low cost of powerful hardware technology that has allowed our customers to have the same technology and opportunity to compete against their large corporate competitors.

Today, many of our earlier competitors are either out of business or have been acquired by large corporations. The "David and Goliath" analogy definitely exists. Fortunately we are a lean, mean fighting machine that can adapt and respond much faster to our customer's needs. Maybe, there is a reason why many of our early adopters are still using ORDERS Plus today.

As our products and services continue to evolve, we believe our original objectives are still underserved. We are excited about the advances in business intelligence, mobile and remote connectivity that allow our customers to expand into new locations around the world without a large investment.

We want to provide the leadership and solutions for your company to benefit from today's latest technology. That is why we are proud to announce the release of ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise, our Next Vision.

Over the last few years, inexpensive broad band internet access, high speed mobile coverage, smart mobile devices and lightweight tablets have proven to be the most important technology advancements in the last 20 years.

What if your critical business information could follow you anywhere?  Today, we are more mobile than ever and several devices, interfaces, and applications impact our daily lives. As our global workplace changes, we believe it was necessary to address the demand for more flexibility and provide a platform allowing our customers to be able to work from any location, on any device.

We designed the hardware, software and network platforms using the latest Dell and Microsoft Cloud based Server technologies. Our initial rollout consists of over 40 Enterprise Class Servers, 20 Terabytes of RAID Based Storage, the latest Cisco Security Services, Real Time Replication and Backups which provide best in class security and redundant levels of data protection.

ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise will greatly expand the vision and growth potential for our customers. The fact is employees just want their workplace at their fingertips, seamlessly on whatever device is in front of them.  ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise will allow staff to focus on ideas, decisions and solutions whenever and wherever they want.

We are still a privately held company and we have no desire to change that. We review feedback on a monthly basis to enhance any areas in which our company can be improved. We are an American based software company providing a business management solution for American based Distribution and Manufacturing companies.

If you are looking for a smaller, U.S. based firm who reacts to the needs of its customer and stays up-to-date with today's technology, you should consider our system for your business.

Our customers face the same challenges you are facing right now.  Our products have made a difference for them and will make a difference for you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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