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System Requirements

ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise and ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold each have unique system requirements.

ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise is our cloud based service designed for companies that require Access Anywhere and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) functionality.  It also requires an internet connection.  However, no hardware or software is maintained by the user.

ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold requires on-premise installation to a file server and is accessible from workstations on a local area network.  Additionally, hardware and software is maintained by the user.

Both products offer the same overall feature set but certain functionality is unique to each platform.

For example, ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise can be accessed from most desktop, tablet and mobile operating systems.  These include the latest versions of Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX, Apple IOS, Android and Surface.  When combined with a smart phone, ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise will provide the same functionality in the car, the airport, in flight or at the office.

ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold requires an up front capital investment in software, perhaps hardware and staff capable of managing periodic network responsibilities.  Whereas, ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise requires little to no up-front cost, no special hardware and is easy to budget as an operational expense.

Platform Topics
.NET Enterprise Requirements
Gold Enterprise Requirements


ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise - System Requirements

Windows Operating System (Desktop, Notebook or Tablet Device)

  • Windows 8.1 or 11 Professional (32 or 64-Bit)

  • 25 MB Free Disk Space

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.x (Minimum), 11.x or Higher (Preferred)

  • ORDERS Plus.NET SecureConnect Client Software (Required)

  • Mobile Access Anywhere 3G (Minimum) 4G (Preferred)

  • Optional BusinessWorks Gold Accounting 2010-2022

Apple Mac, Apple IOS, Android & Surface Devices

  • Apple Mac OS X

  • Apple IOS 7.0 or Higher

  • Android 4.0 or Higher

  • Microsoft Surface 2.0 or Higher

  • Mobile Access Anywhere 3G (Minimum) 4G (Preferred)

Additional Requirements & Technical Information

Internet Connection Download Speed - ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise access requires the use of a reliable internet connection.  The minimum download speed required is 56 kbps Per User and 256 kbps Per User or Higher is strongly recommended.  For example, if there are 10 users located in a single office, the suggested download speed is 2.5 Meg Up/Down.

Mobile Access - To accomplish mobility requires the use of a smart phone with a data plan that supports tethering, which is a standard feature on most smart phones and carriers.  Your mobile computer will connect to your smart phone for internet access.  Data Usage fess may apply and are not included with ORDERS Plus.NET monthly service fees.

Sending Email and SMS Messages - Email and SMS Messaging features available in ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise require the use of your own SMTP Server that supports either SSL or TLS Encryption.  Additional fess may apply and are not included with ORDERS Plus.NET monthly service fees.

Apple, Android & Surface Devices - These devices require the installation of the Microsoft Remote Desktop App available from their respective app stores and must meet the respective minimum hardware requirements for the app and device.  ORDERS Plus.NET Sync is not available when using these platforms.  ORDERS Plus.NET Sync features include integration with all supported 3rd party applications and functionality typically required during the implementation phase.  Normal daily operations are fully supported.  We do suggest that both Apple and Android devices be considered secondary and that mission critical access rely upon the use of a Windows based device.  If using a Mac Desktop, then installation of Parallels and a supported Windows Desktop operating system is strongly recommended.


ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold - System Requirements

File Server Configuration

  • Windows Server 2012R2 (Minimum) or higher.

  • Windows Hyper V (Preferred) or VMWare (Minimum) Configuration & Manager

  • Intel Quad Core (4 Core/8 Thread Minimum) Xeon or Higher (Preferred)

  • Memory - 8G Memory (Minimum) 16G Memory (Preferred)

  • Windows 8.1/10 (32-Bit) Virtual Administrative Console

  • 250 MB Free Disk Space

  • Standard or High Definition Monitor (1024x768 Resolution Minimum)

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.x (Minimum) 11.x or Higher (Preferred)

  • Optional BusinessWorks Gold Accounting 2010-2022

  • SELECT HERE for the Minimum Virtualization Configuration

Workstation Configuration

  • Windows Professional 8.1 or 10 (32- or 64 Bit*)

  • Intel Core 2 (Minimum) i3 or Higher (Preferred)

  • Memory 4G Memory (Minimum)

  • 50 MB Free Disk Space

  • Standard or High Definition Monitor (1024x768 Resolution Minimum)

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.x (Minimum) 11.x or Higher (Preferred)

Additional Requirements & Technical Information

Server Virtualization Technology - ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold must be installed and operated in a virtualized environment, provided by Windows Hyper V or VMWare.  Virtualization will allow a single physical server computer to be configured with multiple, independent operating systems. When used in conjunction with the latest Intel Server-based processors, Virtualization will allow core ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold programs and databases to be configured for the best overall system performance.  If you are planning to purchase a new server computer, Virtualization is the standard and provides the most flexibility available today.  Microsoft Hyper V and 2 Server Licenses are also included for no additional charge when purchasing the server operating system.  Additionally, your IT person must be either Microsoft Hyper V or VMWare Certified.

IT Consulting Services - If you are an existing customer and planning to purchase new hardware and migrate our software products, you must schedule a consulting appointment before making any changes and/or migration.  We often see important topics overlooked which cause non-compliance with our system requirements and recommendations.  Most importantly, you can rest assured the transition will be done the right.  When planned correctly, the migration can occur during off-hours with less than 3-4 hours of down time.  Please also note that support is not available for situations in which the new hardware does not meet the minimum requirements and recommendations and/or those customers who proceed on their own and experience problems. All new server hardware must meet the minimum requirements for virtualization which are based upon Microsoft Best Practices.  Additionally, your IT person must be either Microsoft Hyper V or VMWare Certified.

Network Equipment - A quality business class Ethernet switch and network adapters should be considered for optimal performance. When installed in a multi-user environment, our client software operates as a fat client. This means that although the program and databases reside on your fileserver computer, when the program is running, operational speeds are determined by the speed at which data can be sent between the server and the clients' respective processor. Additionally, database read and write activity is continuously updated between the fileserver and client.  We recommend Cisco, HP Procurve and Dell Gigabyte Ethernet switches in conjunction with Intel Gigabyte network adapters. Most computers purchased in the last 3 years have an integrated Intel network adapter. Any additional cost to use quality business class equipment is minimal. However, the performance benefit is very measurable. Network equipment designed for basic internet access does not assure quality data packet transmissions and can cause performance and database integrity problems. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

*64-Bit Windows Desktop Operating Systems - If a Windows 64-bit desktop operating system is installed on a client computer, a desktop virtualization product must be installed to operate ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold in a 32-bit environment. Most Windows Tablets ship with Windows 32-bit installed. Windows 10 64-bit or higher has built in Virtualization allowing a Windows 32-bit client to coexist. Additionally, other desktop virtualization products are also available for free and include VMware Player and Oracle VirtualBox products.

Peer to Peer Networking - Many of our smaller customers ask about the Peer to Peer Networking features built into Windows. Let us first state that Peer to Peer Networking is good for a very small office that is sharing documents.  However, not for the higher demands of multi-user, networked database applications that we develop.  Peer to Peer (WORKGROUP) configurations are not supported.

Microsoft End of Life - Whenever Microsoft announces a date relating to the discontinuation of support for any products, that effective date will coincide with our support for operations on those products.

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