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Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization Technology - We have been strong proponents of server virtualization technology since the evolution of Windows Server 2008R2 released in 2009.  If you are planning to purchase a new server computer, implementing virtualization provides the most flexibility and the best ROI in both the short and long term.  Not to mention, reducing disaster recovery downtime and overall system maintenance.

We support Microsoft Hyper V since licensing for both the physical host and virtual primary file server and included for no additional charge.  VMWare can also be used, but limited support is available.

ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold - Minimum Server Requirements

Virtualization will allow a single physical server computer to be configured with multiple, independent operating systems. When used in conjunction with the latest Intel Server-based processors, virtualization will allow core ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold programs and databases to be installed to a 64-bit virtual server to achieve the best system performance.

File Server Hardware Configuration

  • Windows Server 2012R2 or Higher (Minimum)

  • Server Tower Case that supports a minimum of 8 Internal 3.5" Hard Disks with a hot swappable backplane.

  • Dual Redundant Power Supplies (Minimum)

  • Intel Dual Socket Xeon Motherboard (Minimum), Quad Socket Xeon (Optional)

  • (1) Intel Quad Core (4/8) Xeon Processor w/16G Memory Per Processor (Minimum)

    • (1) Intel Hexa Core (6/12) Xeon Processor w/24G Memory Per Processor (Optional)

    • (1) Intel Octa Core (8/16) Xeon Processor w/32G Memory Per Processor (Optional)

    • (2-4) Xeon Quad/Hexa/Octa Core Processors w/16/24/32G Memory Per Processor (Optional)

  • Dual Channel SAS6/SATA6 Hardware RAID Controller w/Support for 8 Hard Disks with ability to disable write/read caching on individual raid sets. (Minimum)

  • (2) 250G SATA6 or SAS6 Server Class Hard Disks Configured as BOOT RAID1 Drive C: (Minimum For (1) Quad Core 4/8 Processor)

    • If more processors or Hexa/Octa Core Processors are added, please increase RAID1 disk capacity by 40G per 4 Threads.  Additional consulting may also be required.

  • (3) 250G SATA6 or SAS6 Server Class Hard Disks Configured as DATA RAID5 Drive D: with both write and read caching disabled. (Minimum)

    • Increased Capacity may be required based upon additional company data storage requirements.  Get what your budget can afford.

    • If more processors or Hexa/Octa Core Processors are added, please increase RAID5 disk capacity by 80G per 4 Threads.  Additional consulting may also be required.

  • (1) WD Red 1T Internal Hard Disk Drive for Bare Metal Backups (Minimum)

    • Increased Capacity will be required based upon the actual storage capacity of BOOT RAID1 and DATA RAID5 capacities combined.

  • (1) Dual Port, 1G Server Class Network Adapter (Minimum)

    • 4 Port 1G Server Class Network Adapter Strongly Recommended.

  • (1) Server Class UPS System connected via USB 2.0 that supports a minimum of 10 Minutes up time based upon the total power consumption of the Power Supplies installed.

File Server Operating System Configuration

  • Windows Server 2012R2 or Higher, Standard Edition for 1-2 Physical Processors (Minimum)

    • Windows Server 2012R2 or Higher, Enterprise Edition for 3-4 Processors (Required)

  • HOST Machine - Windows Server Host Installed with Hyper V, Backup Services Only.

    • Windows Server Backup configured for full metal recovery using the dedicated internal WD Red Hard Disk on the Host Machine and run nightly.

    • All Virtual Machine Boot Disks are Stored on BOOT RAID1.

    • If a 4 Port NIC is installed, Teaming Should Also be implemented prior to creating your Virtual Network Switch.

  • Virtual File Server 1

    • Operating System Installed - Windows Server 2012R2 or higher.

    • Configured with 4G Memory & 4 Logical Processors (Minimum)

    • (1) 80G Virtual Boot Fixed Disk (Stored on BOOT RAID1)

    • (1) 200G Virtual Data Fixed Disk (Stored on DATA RAID5)

    • Additional Services Installed (Minimum)

      • Domain Controller

      • DNS Server

    • Application Software Installed (Minimum)

      • ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold

      • BusinessWorks Gold Financials (if applicable)

  • Virtual Admin Console

    • Operating System Installed - Windows 7/8.1/10 32-Bit Professional

    • 4G Memory / 2 Logical Processors (Minimum) 4 Logical Processors (Preferred)

    • (1) 40G Virtual Boot Fixed Disk (Stored on BOOT RAID1)

    • Software Installed (Minimum)

      • ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold Client

      • BusinessWorks Gold Financials Client (if applicable)

  • Other Considerations:

    • (1) Off-Site Backup Service run during maintenance window nightly.

    • Business Class 1G or higher Ethernet Switch.  If you do not have a high quality switch, we strongly recommend Cisco SG or HP Procurve.  They are high quality and priced for every small business budget.

    • Additional Consulting may be required based upon other software application requirements.

Workstation Configuration

  • Windows 7.x, 8.1 or 10 Professional 32-bit Operating System (Recommended)

    • Dual Core Processor w/4G Memory (Recommended)

  • Windows 7.x, 8.1 or 10 Professional 64-bit Operating System (Optional)

    • Quad Core i7 Processor (4/8) w/8G Memory (Minimum)

    • Desktop Virtualization Installed

      • Windows 7 - VMware Player or Oracle Virtual Box

      • Windows 8.x/10 - Hyper V Services built-in

      • 2 Logical Processors w/2G Memory (Minimum)

      • 20G Virtual Hard Disk (Minimum)

      • Virtual NIC Configured with static IP address.

    • Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 Pro 32-bit Operating System Installed to Virtual Machine

      • ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold Client Installed (Minimum)

      • NOTE: Any Other ORDERS Plus Enterprise Gold 3rd Party Compatible Applications in-use must also be installed.

  • Standard or High Definition Monitor (1024x768 Resolution Minimum), 1920x1080 Preferred.

  • Other Considerations - We have found that today, many workstations ship with Windows 64-bit desktop operating system installed but only 4G Memory Installed with a dual or quad core light duty processor.  This is the minimum requirement for running a 64-bit desktop operating system.  If your 64-bit workstation does not have a Quad Core 4/8 processor, we strongly recommend installing Windows Professional 32-bit in a Dual Boot Configuration.  The performance will be considerably better.  Often, the 64-bit license you have will also include the 32-bit version.  If you need to purchase a 32-bit license, call Microsoft directly or search the internet.

Additional Information

The information provided is based upon Microsoft Best Practices along with our own personal experience.  If you require additional information, please schedule a consulting appointment with our support department to further discuss your specific requirements and to develop a migration plan.  Please also note that immediate support is not available to those who do not meet the minimum requirements and recommendations and/or proceed on their own and experience problems. Additionally, your IT person must be either Microsoft Hyper V or WMWare certified.

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