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Product Highlights & Features

Automating every aspect from order entry to inventory replenishment will streamline daily tasks and simplify business processes.

Our intelligent suite of integrated applications will better manage information and materials while at the same time control cost and performance.

The information published on this page will allow a prospective user to quickly assess if our applications will meet the general functionality and application requirements.

System Wide Features

Built-In PDF Print Preview & Email Attachments

Activity Console: System Information At Your Fingertips

Integrated MAPI Email Features

Stock Check: Instant Pricing & Availability

Fax Laser Quality Forms Directly from your Desktop

20 Permission & Functionality Levels Per Module

Document Management & Mail Merge Features

Automatic Secure Data Export for use with SQL Server

Print Laser Quality Forms & Reports to Plain Paper

Up to 100 Network Users w/Simultaneous Module Access

Quote, Order Processing & Invoice Management

Integrated Contact Management Features

Deny Sales Rep from Accessing Other Rep Accounts

Unlimited Ship To Locations w/Contact Information

Convert Quote to Order to Purchase Order &/or Invoice

User-Definable Fields & Demographic Information

Automatic Freight & Total Weight Calculations

Detailed On-Screen Quote, Order & Invoice History

Quotation & Sales Order Duplication

Lookup Items By Category, Item# or Description

Display Last Price Paid During Line Item Entry

Ability to Edit Description, Cost & Selling Price on the Fly

Rental Features during Invoicing

Control Printing & Sort Order of Line Items

Service & Work Order Features

Standard & Advanced Line Item Entry Modes

Support Up To 999 Inside/Outside Sales Reps

Allow for Commission Management on the Fly

Email PDF Quote, Order or Invoice to Customer

Easily Modify Invoice Description & Terms at Anytime

Reprint Any Quote, Order or Invoice, Anytime

Include Comments, Misc Charges & Labor

Provides Automatic Calculation of Sales Tax

Inventory Management Features

Real-Time Inventory Control Adjustments

Committed, On Hand, Available, On Order & Back Order

20 Character Item Number

Automatic Tracking of Manual & Physical Adjustments

400 Character Item Descriptions

Automatic Freight Calculations based upon weight

2-5 Decimals for Cost & Selling Price

Unlimited Secondary Vendors w/Part#'s & Cost

6 Automatic, Quantity or Manual Selling Prices Per Item

Define up to 3 Commissions per Item or Group of Items

Automatic Markdown From List or Markup From Cost

Manage Part, Labor, Generic, Consignment & Supply Items

Automatic Recalc of Selling Price when Cost Changes

Attach Photographs & PDF Documents to Items

Part Duplication & Transfer Features

Special Item Pop-up Note Displayed during Order Entry

On-Screen Sales, Purchasing & Receiving History

Last, Average, Standard or Factored Costing Methods

Global Selling Price Calculator & Update Features

4 User Definable Fields & 1 User Definable Table

User Definable 3 Level Product Categories

Import or Manually Enter Physical Counts

Multiple Warehouse Options

Off-Site Inventory Control Options

Purchase Order Management

Automatic Purchase Orders for Stock Buildup

Purchase Order Duplication Features

Create Drop Ship Purchase Orders from Sales Order

Blanket Purchase Order Features

Create Special Order Purchase Orders from Sales Order

Detailed On-Screen Purchase & Receiving History

Automatically Email PDF Purchase Order To Vendor

Integrated Contact Management Features

Attach Additional Documentation to Purchase Order

Include Additional Costs when Receiving

Manufacturing & Production Management FeatureS

Real-Time Inventory Control Adjustments

Sub-Assembly Production Orders if Stock Required

Just-In-Time, Stock Buildup or Custom Production Options

Pending, In Progress & Complete Production Status

Unlimited Components Per Bill of Material

Kit Components Adjust Automatically when Sold

Up to 99 Sub Assemblies Per Bill of Material

Throughput, Variable & Absorption Costing Methods

Track Component Serial & Lot Numbers*

Generate Purchase Orders Based Upon Requirements

Attach Detailed Production Documentation

Real Time Requirements Notification On-The-Fly

Define Template Bill of Material to Customize On-The-Fly

Detailed On-Screen Production History, Statistics & WIP

Serial Number Tracking Features

Enter Serial Numbers When Receiving

Track Serial Numbers During Invoicing & Optionally Print

Enter & Track Serial Numbers Randomly or Sequentially

Track Serial Numbers Used in Manufacturing

Detailed On-Screen Receiving & Sales History

Adjust Cost By Specific Serial Number Sold

Lot Number Tracking Features

Track Specific Lots Sold on Specific Invoice

Can Track Stock & Non-Stock Items

Easily Perform Recall Processes

Track Lot Numbers Used in Manufacturing

Custom Labeling Features

Design/Print Mailing Labels Using POSTNet Bar Codes

Use One of 1700 Predefined Formats or Design Your Own

Design/Print Custom Inventory Bar Code Labels

Re-size bar codes to fit the exact space available

Print Item Labels While Receiving on Purchase Order

Supports over 20 different bar code symbologies

Print Customer Item Labels based upon items Shipped

Guides, Rulers, Multi-Level Undo, Grouping & more

Customer Equipment Tracking & Service History Features

Track Manufacturer Name, Model#, Part# & Serial#

Starting/Ending Service Contract Dates

Track Warranty Expiration Date

Track Primary User's Contact Information

Automatically Manage Detailed Service History

Print Service History During Entry of Service Ticket

Review Customers Up For Service Renewal

On-Screen Sales & Purchasing History of Equipment

Customer Contract/Special Pricing Features

Define Special Selling Price Per Item

Duplicate Contract Price Grid for Another Customer

Define Special Selling Price % By Product Line

Automatically Create Contract Prices From a Quote

Set Expiration Date of Special Selling Price

Unlimited Special Contract Prices per Customer

Credit Card Processing Features

Automatically Process Credit Card From Sales Order

Automatically Displays Approval Code On Screen

Support For Full & Partial Shipments, Deposits & Charges

Supports Most Dialup & TCPIP Merchant Account Providers

Complete Management of other Credit Card Transactions

Detailed On-Screen Transaction History

eCommerce Import Engine Features

Automatically Import Shopping Cart Orders

Easily Process eCommerce Orders for Fulfillment

Detailed On-Screen Transaction History

Export Customer, Inventory & Setup Data to Shopping Cart

General Ledger Features

Complete Audit Trails of All Transactions & Adjustments

Import Account Information & Journal Entries

Combine Multiple Companies for Consolidated Financials

Departmentalized Accounting with up to 999 Departments

Automatic Budget Calculation For Faster Budget Setup

Recurring Journal Entries to Save Data Entry Time

Allows Batch Posting For Recurring Entries

Detailed Descriptions For Journal Entries

Import/Export Journal Entries & Adjustments For CPA

Provides Flexible Financial Statement Setup

Accounts Receivable Features

Track Invoice Discount Date, Discount Amount & Due Date

Track Sales by Customer, Sales Rep & Sales Account

Assign Finance Charges on Specific Customers or Globally

Flexible Setup of Recurring Invoices

Group Payments into Bank Deposits For Reconciliation

Calculates Finance Charges Anytime During a Month

Balance Forward & Open Item Statement Formats

Process Customer Statements on the Screen at Anytime

Reprint Credit Memos & Debit Memos Anytime

Enables Previously entered Payments to be voided

Accounts Payable Features

Unique A/P Posting Accounts on vendor-by vendor basis

Print Consolidated or Individual A/P Vendor Checks

Track Discount Dates, Amounts & Due Dates

Automatic Distribution of invoices to multiple Accounts

Setup Recurring Payables that Post Automatically

Automatically or Manually Select Invoices For Payment

Permits Partial Payment of Invoices.

Generate either Detailed or Summary Payment Stubs

Payroll Features

Pay Hourly, Salaried, Commissioned or Piece rate

Task Codes can Allocate Expense to Multiple G/L Accounts

Weekly, Biweekly, Semimonthly & Monthly Pay Cycles

Track Overtime, Holiday, Advances, Draws, Base & Misc.

Tracks Employee Compensation ("comp") Time

Tracks Total Dollars & Hours on Time Card Reports

Use Cash Management to Generate Payroll Checks

Track Allowances, Reimbursements & Bonuses

Calculate Workers Compensation Deductions

Manage Employee-paid & Company-paid Deductions

Standard Time Cards For Staff Paid the Same Each Period

After-the-fact Payroll Recording by Using Hand-checks

Generates Checks with Fully Detailed Check Stubs

Electronically Deposits Payroll to Employee Bank Accounts

Includes All Federal & State Tax Tables

Tracks State & Federal Tax Liabilities & Deposits

Calculates All Federal & State taxes Automatically

Tax Deposits to include Penalty & Overpayment Amounts

Prints Tax Deposit Checks For 941, 940, SUI, & SDI

Alerts you if you have a tax Deposit Liability to be Paid

Prints W-2 Forms After the Close of the year

Prepares Summary Information For Government Reports

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