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Manufacturing & Production

Our Manufacturing and Production Management application is specifically designed for short turnaround manufacturing and assembly requirements.

Whether the process is make-to-order, make-to-stock, engineer-to-order, assemble-to-order, or mixed-mode manufacturing, this application will streamline all of the inventory control and production oversight without the complexities of maintaining a costly MRP system.

Bill of Materials, Kitting, Production Order Management and Work In-Progress are integrated components of this application.

For the Production Manager's benefit, we've created a Dynamic Work In Progress System, which allows a manager to view the current status of all or specific production orders and easily drill down to details.

Since a production order can also be customized, a generic Bill of Material can be used as a template.  Allowing the user to make changes on the fly and attach a custom work order directly to a sales order.  These features give your custom production department additional flexibility to do their job more efficiently. 

Our Manufacturing and Production Management application also supports Kitting which will allow a single item to represent a bundle of standard component items. When a customer places an order, the components are committed.  When sold, the components are removed automatically.

Highlights include:

  • Real-Time Inventory Control Adjustments.

  • Just-In-Time, Stock Buildup or Custom Production Options

  • Pending, In Progress & Complete Production Status

  • Automatic Sub-Assembly Production Orders if Stock Required

  • Unlimited Components Per Bill of Material

  • Up to 99 Sub Assemblies Per Bill of Material

  • Attach Detailed Production Documentation

  • Generate Automatic Purchase Orders Based Upon Requirements

  • Define Template Bill of Material to Customize On-The-Fly

  • Detailed On-Screen Production History, Statistics & Work In Progress

  • Define Kits in which Components Adjust Automatically when Sold

  • Optionally Track Component Serial & Lot Numbers

  • Supports Throughput, Variable & Absorption Costing Methods

Process of Building a Finished Good:

  1. Configure a Bill of Material consisting of Raw Materials, Parts, and/or Labor.

  2. Press One Button to Generate Production Orders.  If Stock is not available for any sub-assemblies, Production Orders are also automatically generated.  Inventory is Automatically Committed When Production Orders are Generated.

  3. Make Any Customizations to the Pending Production Order(s), if needed.

  4. If Stock is Available to Complete a Production Order, Simply Start Production to Put the Job in Progress and Print Production Orders for staff to pull stock and start.  If Stock is Not Available, you can press one button to automatically generate purchase orders.

  5. When Production Is Complete, select the Production Order, make any adjustments for overage or underage, and then close the Production Order.  Inventory is Automatically Adjusted.

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