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Service & Support

We believe that Good Old Fashioned SERVICE means providing real world solutions that allow your company to realize all of the benefits of using our products on a daily basis.

Our technicians are highly skilled and not your common call center rep. Our level of expertise locally, would cost between $125-$175 dollars per hour.  Fortunately, our service costs a fraction of that.

When combined with a voice call and remote desktop connection, we will achieve the same personal "on-site" experience without the "on-site" expense.

Request Assistance Now - We understand that all requests are very important and that is why immediate assistance is provided by our Help DeskOur Help Desk is similar to a medical triage unit in which our response is based upon the details of the assistance requested.

Our Help Desk staff will attempt to provide an immediate answer to your question and/or resolve your problem.  If they are unable to, a new ticket will be opened and turned over to our support team or depending upon the specific request an appointment may be scheduled.  If turned over to our support team, a technician will respond via email within 1 to 2 business hours.  If an appointment is needed, it is typically scheduled within 1-2 business days.  Once you've experienced the quality of service received in conjunction with the actual cost to benefit ratio, you will quickly realize the value of the professional service and support we deliver.

Contacting our Help Desk is the fastest and most efficient way to receive assistance.  Please also review our Service Guidelines for more details.

Emergency Site Down - If your site is ever down, meaning no user is able to logon, we understand the effect to your business and will provide immediate assistance. Additionally, the situation did not occur in conjunction with a planned event, which includes the installation of a new server, replacement of server hardware, software upgrades or operating system upgrades.  Fortunately, due to the quality and maturity of our products, less than 1% of our customers have ever experienced this problem and 95% of those were due to faulty hardware and/or internal systems management.

Incident Charges - Incidents are charged based upon the service provided.  If your request is turned over to our support team, a technician will respond via email and charge your account one incident.  If an appointment is scheduled, upon conclusion, your account will be charged two incidents per hour and in 30 minute increments thereafter.

Annual Software Maintenance - Annual software maintenance allows your company to receive all software maintenance releases and upgrades.

Service & Support Incidents - Professional Service and Support is available by purchasing Service & Support Incidents.  Support Incidents can be used for any professional service and/or technical support as needed. As an added bonus, up to fifteen incidents are eligible for rollover on an annual basis.

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