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Barcode Labeling

Our Custom Labeling and Barcode Printing application enhance standard label features allowing the user to custom design their own label formats and layouts.

These include PostNet Address Labels for Customers, Prospects and Vendors, Barcode Labels for Inventory and Shipping Labels for Sales Orders.

When scanning a bar code associated to the item number, the user may add line items to a transaction. This feature populates the line item just as if the information was typed in, but scanning the line item can be a tremendous time saving benefit.

Additional features include the ability to verify the order being shipped and check that the items in the shipping box are the same as the items on the Sales Order.

A Remote Scanning device may also be used for collecting inventory counts, if all items have bar-coded labels. Serial Numbers may also be scanned during the receiving of Purchase Order line items.

Import capabilities and standard templates make our Custom Labeling and Barcode Printing application a perfect addition to our Inventory Management application.

Highlights Include:

  • Use One of 1700 Predefined Label Formats or Design Your Own

  • Desktop Publishing features such as Guides, Rulers, Multi-Level Undo, Grouping and more

  • Import/Export Graphics from over 20 different formats.

  • Scan in Graphics using any TWAIN compliant Camera or Scanner

  • Import Data from dBase, Clipper, FoxPro, Windows Card File, and ASCII text files

  • Supports over 20 different bar code symbologies with over 30 options

  • Specify the density of bar codes in dots, CPI, mil, percentage and approximate width

  • Interactively re-size bar codes to fit the exact space available - no guessing involved

  • 16 layers with a master layer

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