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Credit Card Processing

With the evolution of Credit Card Security and PCI Compliance, many customers are choosing online based credit card processors.  Many processors have both web and mobile based apps for taking a credit card payment.

Most importantly, your company will never store credit card information on site, which limits company liability and reduces overall cost.

We believe this is the most secure and compliant method available.  Where you enter credit card information is very important in today's connected world.

ORDERS Plus Gold Enterprise - Credit Card Processing

On-Premise Integrated Credit Card Processing is available for ORDERS Plus Gold Enterprise.  It is specifically designed for companies that take credit cards for payment when a customer places an order.

It automatically processes a sale transaction and saves the approval code for future reference.  Complete historical information and transaction reports are also included.

VeriFone's PC Charge V5.9.3 Credit Card Processing software provides the background functionality using their exclusive development engine that allows for total seamless integration.

Once a credit card order is placed, the user selects a hyperlink to start the verification process.  The Credit Card Processing application will then contact your credit card network, verify the card and process the sale transaction.

A user also has the option to save the credit card number to simplify order processing the next time that customer places an order and wants to pay using the credit card already on file.

This application does not replace your existing merchant account.  It simply allows a user to process a credit card transaction directly from within our order processing application.

It will process typical SALE transaction.  Credit memos, voids, pre-authorization, procurement, or reversal transactions are done directly from within the PC Charge Software.

Most Credit Card Merchant Providers are compatible with our software.  However, please confirm this by selecting the Compatible Merchant Providers link to confirm your service provider is compatible and also visit Verifone's PC Charge homepage for the latest compatibility list.

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