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Ever Changing..Ever Growing..

We at Business Systems of America are committed to enhancing our products to reflect current industry trends and changing distribution, service and manufacturing requirements.

Improving the functionality and expanding our feature set is always our objective and also driven by your vital feedback.

Thanks for the last 20 years, we look forward with great excitement to the next...

Enhancement Listing

The following information is provided to our customers and details enhancements that have been made to our product line over the last ten years.

From the beginning, our goals have been to prioritize:

  • K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

  • Easy to Implement

  • Flexible to address Vertical Market Requirements

  • Benefit All Staff, Not Just the Accounting Department

This list is chronologically sorted from today backwards.

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System Requirements

  • Windows 10 Compatibility - ORDERS Plus is Microsoft Windows 10 compatible.  This includes both ORDERS Plus Gold Enterprise and ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise.

  • BusinessWorks Gold 2015 Compatibility - ORDERS Plus now fully supports all gold versions of our Integrated Financial Modules.  This includes both ORDERS Plus Gold Enterprise and ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise.

  • Enhanced Reports - Several New Sales Order based reports have been added which will benefit management.  They are available from the Custom Reports > Order Entry Reports Menu.  These include a Sales Order Worksheet, Specialized Pick Ticket, Open Items Grouped by Customer and Outstanding RMA Items.  Enhancements were also made to the Invoice Gross Totals & Profit, Purchase Order Details and Physical Count Sheet reports.  This includes both ORDERS Plus Gold Enterprise and ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise.

  • Search By Secondary Contact - Now you can search for a Secondary Contact which basically will allow the user to find any contact in the system.  This includes both ORDERS Plus Gold Enterprise and ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise.

  • Document Management & Attachments - Several enhancements were made to the Document Attachment and Inventory Graphics Attachment features which minimize the number of steps to complete.  This includes both ORDERS Plus Gold Enterprise and ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise.

  • New & Improved Manual & Batch Posting - A complete overhaul of the Integrated Financial Posting programs have been made which improve the overall processing speed, especially the batch posting programs.  This includes both ORDERS Plus Gold Enterprise and ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise.

  • Dynamic History Screen Sort Order - The Dynamic History screens now will always display the open/outstanding transactions first, sorted oldest to newest.  This includes both ORDERS Plus Gold Enterprise and ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise.

  • ORDERS Plus Launcher - Quickly access all ORDERS Plus Programs, Administrative Tools and Apps from the ORDERS Plus Launcher.  This includes both ORDERS Plus Gold Enterprise and ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise.

  • High Resolution & High Definition - ORDERS Plus now supports the latest high resolution and high definition monitors and display settings up to 1920x1080.  This includes both ORDERS Plus Gold Enterprise and ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise.

  • Single Sign On - Allows the user to logon to ORDERS Plus using their Network ID without prompting for logon to ORDERS Plus.  This includes both ORDERS Plus Gold Enterprise and ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise.

  • ORDERS Plus.NET Mail - No Outlook? No Problems! The ORDERS Plus.NET Email Client will integrate with your existing email server and send Quotes, Order Confirmations, Invoices and Purchase Orders to your Customers, Prospects and Vendors with ease.  This includes both ORDERS Plus Gold Enterprise and ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise.

  • SMS Text Messaging - Easily Send Text Messages to your Customers and Prospects. This includes both ORDERS Plus Gold Enterprise and ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise.

  • UPS Worldship - Now, when creating a new shipment in UPS Worldship you can enter the invoice number and the respective shipping information is read directly from ORDERS Plus into Worldship eliminating any manual entry.  Then update your invoices with the respective Tracking Numbers and optionally, freight amounts. This includes both ORDERS Plus Gold Enterprise and ORDERS Plus.NET Enterprise.

  • Crystal Reports - ORDERS Plus Gold Enterprise and Crystal Reports will tightly integrate giving you the flexibility to benefit from all of the powerful reporting, output formats and export features available with Crystal Reports.

  • Microsoft SQL Server - Tightly integrate 3rd Party Apps with ORDERS Plus Data via Microsoft SQL Server and ORDERS Plus Gold Enterprise

  • PCI Compliance - ORDERS Plus Gold supports the latest PCI compliance standards.  All Credit Card numbers are encrypted and explicit user permissions are required to review credit card information.  More information about PCI Compliance

  • Multi-Document Support on Transactions - The user now has the option to attach multiple documents to a single Quote, Order, Invoice or Purchase Order transaction.

  • Automatic Recurring Orders - ORDERS Plus now has the ability to configure templates used for recurring orders that can be processed automatically or manually.  This will simplify the management of products that your customers order on a subscription and/or periodic basis.

  • eCommerce Enhancements - Enhancements have been made to allow for addtional data to be imported into ORDERS Plus from an ecommerce transaction.  This includes a Sales Rep, Price Level and Category to be assigned to a new customer and/or transaction.

  • Stock Transfers - When performing a Stock Transfer between similar items, the selection list will display the closest match to the item being transferred from.

  • Virtual Stock Room - The ORDERS Plus Virtual Stock Room is a self running program specifically designed to provide key inventory management functionality to a part time user without the need to load the full version of ORDERS Plus.  The Virtual Stock Room provides two primary functions; Issue and Receive Stock Items, prompt for an explanation about the adjustment and print an adjustment report. These transactions can be reviewed anytime from within ORDERS Plus by printing an Inventory Adjustment report.  It is designed to check inventory in and out of ORDERS Plus for situations in which there is not a related Sales Order, Invoice or Purchase Order transaction.

  • Pricing Calculator - The Pricing Calculator feature is designed to provide an easy method of performing mass updates to Selling Prices for items assigned a specific Product Line or based upon the Primary Vendor assigned to an item. The pricing calculation can be either a Markup from Cost or Markdown from List based upon the specific Price Type selected. It can also be applied to specific Item Types.  This feature can also take inventory items which were previously setup for manual pricing and re-configure the inventory records by applying a new Price Type and respective Automatic Pricing. This eliminates the need to manually reconfigure inventory records one at a time.

  • Multi-Company Stock Check - If multiple companies have been defined, this feature will allow the user to access one of those companies and perform a Stock Check against another company's respective inventory. This eliminates the need to logout of ORDERS Plus to simply check stock in another company.

  • Special Order/Drop Ship PO Status Report - When Special Orders is selected from the Sales Order Task Bar and the user chooses to view existing Purchase Orders, the user can select Print to review current statistics related to the Purchase Orders created for the Sales Order.

  • Special Order/Drop Ship Shipping Options - When creating Special Order or Drop Ship Purchase Orders from a Sales Order, the user is prompted to Select a PO Shipping Method to be used for the Purchase Orders created. The options are: Sales Order, the Shipping method on the Sales Order, Vendor Default. the Default Shipping method assigned to the respective Vendor or Other Shipping Method, which will allow the user to choose another method.

  • Rename Customer & Vendor Account ID - Enhancements were added to allow for a Customer ID or Vendor ID to be renamed.

  • Special Factored Cost - Typically, Items that are marked up from cost are based upon the Default Costing Method defined in setup. Meaning, if Weighted Average is the default costing method, the markup will be based upon the Weighted Average Cost.  The Special Factored Cost option can calculate markups based upon the Factored Cost to determine selling prices, but still use the default costing method for transactions. This allows an item to have additional costs reflected as a percentage added to the received cost to establish the factored cost. Selling prices will then be based upon the factored cost.

  • Inventory Adjustment Comments - When manual inventory adjustments are made, the user is prompted to include an explanation why they were made.  This information is also displayed on inventory adjustment reports.

  • Batch Invoice Printing - When a use prints the standard invoice form, they now have the option to print a Single Invoice or Batch Print multiple invoices. Batch Printing options include the ability to select a Starting and Ending Date Range or Sequential Invoice Numbers.

  • Pricing Updates - Pricing Updates received from Manufacturers will now attempt to find a cross reference match based upon a Vendor Part# defined for the inventory item of the item number provided in the update file does not match to an ORDERS Plus Item#.

  • New Product Categories On The Fly - A user can now add Inventory Categories without the need to enter Setup mode.

  • Direct Links to Online Tutorials - Users have the option to directly view online tutorials from within ORDERS Plus via the Help and Support menu.

  • Administrator Notifications - Enhancements were made to send daily electronic notices to the ORDERS Plus Administrator that indicate current DB Verification Status.

  • Domain Security Permissions - Enhancements were made to verify the latest Microsoft Domain Security Permission standards and communicate to the user if any Domain Security Policies conflict with the Permissions needed for correct ORDERS Plus operation.

  • Special Contract Pricing Option - Enhancements were made to the Contract Pricing module that allow a user to apply a Contract Pricing Quote to Customers Assigned a Specific Price Level.

  • Contract Price Reports - Enhancements were made to Contract Pricing Reports that allow a user to choose if the report is for the current customer or all customers.

  • Customer Production Order - Enhancements were made to the sort order displayed on screen and the corresponding reports specific to Customer Production Status and History.

  • Start Production Without Required Stock - Enhancements were made to allow a user to start production whether or not the required stock is available.  Warning Messages are also displayed.  This only benefits users who do not use Work in Progress method of manufacturing.

  • Production Order Duplication - Enhancements were made to allow a user to enter a different Build Amount when duplicating a production order.

  • Special/Drop Ship Purchase Orders - Enhancements were made to pick up the Vendor Default Ship Via instead of the Shipping method selected on the original sales order.

  • Posting Enhancements - Enhancements were made when posting to display details about any configuration problems prior to actual posting of the transaction.

  • Expert Mode - Enhancements were made to allow to Enable Expert Mode which will not display certain system messages when saving data in the system.  Enabling Expert Mode will save time during order entry since these messages are not displayed.

  • Auditing - Enhancements were made to add the Conversion of a Quote to Order and Order to Invoice to the audit logs.

  • Contact Management - Enhancements were made to display the State Abbreviation in the outstanding tasks screen.  This will allow a user to easily determine tasks that may be in a different time zone.

  • Credit Card Processing - Enhancements were made to allow the Security Code (CVV2) to be saved to the Customer record for future use.

  • Document Management - Enhancements were made to allow a user to attach a ZIP file which may then contain multiple documents.

  • Inventory Valuation Report - Enhancements were made to allow the user to print variations of this report which can include line item totals to be displayed.

  • Sales Summary Report - Enhancements were made to allow the user to include Freight and Tax in the report and sort the report by other criteria.

  • Pending Receipts Report - Enhancements were made to allow this report to print ALL items purchased.

  • Customer PO# on Quote - Enhancements were made to allow the user to enter a Customer PO# directly on a Quotation.

  • Pending Receipts Report - Enhancements were made to allow this report to print ALL items purchased.

  • Quote Worksheet - Enhancements were made to require the user to have Quote Cost Access Rights to print the Quote Worksheet.

  • Pending Receipts Report - Enhancements were made to allow this report to print ALL items purchased.

  • Other Contact/Shipping Locations - Enhancements were made to allow a user to search by Phone Number or Email Address from another contact or shipping location.

  • Customer On Credit Hold - Enhancements were made to allow a user to Email or Fax information to a Customer on Credit Hold.

  • Data Review Preparation Wizard - Enhancements were made to the Maintenance Wizard to simply creating company data information to be submitted for data review.

  • Sales Order Form - Enhancements were made to display text indicating this is an Order Confirmation and to check the line items for accuracy.

  • Form Comments - Enhancements were made to allow a user to enter up to 1500 characters for the default form comments.

  • Pending Receipts Report - Enhancements were made to allow this report to print ALL items purchased.

  • Pending Receipts Job Costing/Equipment Tracking - Enhancements were made to allow this user to print this report for a specific job or piece of equipment.

  • Partial Production Runs - Flexibility has been added to allow for Partial Builds of a Production Order and the ability to cancel the outstanding balance or build more than the original amount.

  • Enhanced Batch Posting - A User now has the option to determine which Posting Options will occur during Batch Posting.  The User Can Select from Invoices, Purchase Order Receipts, Inventory Adjustments and Aging.  This gives the user more flexibility based upon their accounting needs.

  • Auto Fill Based Upon Qty in Stock & Date Required - This feature will allow the user to automatically create pick tickets, ship the product and generate invoice transactions based upon current stock availability and the date required.  Simply put, if you just received 100 stock widgets and there are 30 outstanding orders, this feature will automatically print pick tickets, ship the items and generate the invoice transaction for the stock items that are shipped.

  • Customizable System Personality - This feature will allow you to determine if you want to refer to those who place an order with your company as a Customer, Client, Department, or whatever is best for your needs.  This will change all the existing references to "Customers" and "Customer" to your own requirements.

  • Improved Posting Speed - Enhancements have been made to decrease the amount of time it takes to post a transaction either manually or during batch posting.

  • Whole Order Commission Change - Enhancements allow a whole order on-the-fly commission to be applied automatically to all line items.  This allows the user to change the commission percentage and apply that change to the whole order.

  • Customer & Vendor Account#'s - Customer and Vendor Account numbers are now displayed on screen eliminating the need to select the lookup button to view them.

  • Unit of Measure (UOM) Displayed when Entering Qty - During Line Item Entry, the Unit of Measure will be displayed when entering the Quantity.

  • Generic Item Reports - A new set of reports specifically designed for GENERIC Type Items will be available from the Inventory Reports Menu that will display the description entered for the Item and the Vendor Purchased from.

  • Quoted/On Order By Customer or By Sales Rep Reports - New Sales Reports will be added that display information sorted by Customer or by Sales Representative.

  • Sales Order Duplication - Enhancements have been made to allow for a complete pricing change based upon existing price levels.

  • PDF File Size Reduction - Enhancements have been made to the PDF Engine that will reduce the PDF file size by up to 90%.  A benefit when emailing documents.

  • Future Outstanding Tasks Report - Allows an individual Sales Rep or Manager to review all future tasks scheduled in the future.

  • Purchase Order Forms to Only Display Open Items - Similar to the Pick Ticket, an optional Purchase Order will only display the items that are outstanding on the purchase order.  This allows the Purchase Order to be reprinted after a partial receipt and placed back into the receiving department's open purchase order bin.

  • Dynamic Pick Ticket to Display only Shipped Items - A special Pick Ticket will be available that allows the user to first, select the items to ship and then print a Pick Ticket showing just those items.  This allows the user to decide which items they want to ship and print the pick ticket based upon that selection.

  • Display Pop-up Notes During Conversion - A new feature will allow the user to choose if Customer Pop-Up Notes are displayed when converting from Quote to Order and Order to Invoice.

  • Search By Primary Contact - When searching for a Customer using the Primary Contact, the sort will stay fixed allowing the user to PgUp/PgDn to the previous and next record in the sequence

  • Purge Discontinued Inventory Items - A new feature will allow the user to delete a Discontinued Inventory Item.

  • Delete Inactive Customer Account - A new feature will allow the user to delete an Inactive Customer Account.

  • Purge Purchase Order Transactions - A new feature will allow the user to purge old Purchase Order Transactions.

  • Purge Invoice Transactions - New features will allow the user to purge old Invoice Transactions.

  • Search By Primary Contact - When searching for a Customer using the Primary Contact, the sort will stay fixed allowing the user to PgUp/PgDn to the previous and next record in the sequence.

  • Visual Taxable Indicator on all Standard Forms - All of the standard forms will indicate that an item is taxable using an asterisk.

  • Specialty Reports - New Report Options are available when the Print menu is displayed for a specific customer. They are available when the Specialty button is selected. A new Sales History by Shipping Location and Delivery Performance Report have been added.

  • Manufacturing Enhancements - Several New Enhancements have been made to the Manufacturing module in ORDERS Plus.  Some of the enhancements include Work In Progress Management, Pending Requirements, Kitting, Quick Access to Customer Production Orders and automatic creation of Sub Assembly Production Orders.  If also using our Serial Number Tracking system, Material Serial Numbers used to produce a Finished Good can now also be tracked within ORDERS Plus.

  • PDF Printing - The new version of ORDERS Plus now contains our own PDF Engine for creating Reports and Printing Forms in PDF Format. This eliminates the need to purchase Adobe Acrobat to create a PDF document.  It will also allow Documents created in PDF format to be emailed directly to a Customer or Vendor.

  • Customer Pricing By Product Line - ORDERS Plus Customer Special Pricing has been enhanced to allow special pricing to be established by percentage Markup or Markdown for a complete Product Line for a specific customer.  This allows for an even greater amount of flexibility when determining selling prices for a customer.

  • Quicker Order Status & Fulfillment - ORDERS Plus now allows a user to quickly determine the real-time status of Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and the ability to easily determine which orders can be fulfilled based upon current inventory levels.

  • New Activity Management System - ORDERS Plus now includes an Activity Management System that is specifically designed to provide vital information to Managers without the need to print reports.  Some of the features include the ability to review Pending Orders, Receipts, Opportunities and more from one simple system.

  • Real Time Stock Status - No matter where you are in ORDERS Plus, a new Stock Status feature has been added that will allow the user to check stock on any Inventory Item without the need to access the Inventory module.  Current Stock Status, Pricing, Expected Receiving Dates and Substitution Information is available with a click of the mouse.

  • Commission Management - New functionality has been added to allow for a complete transaction to have commissions split with between the Primary and a Secondary Sales Rep.

  • Enhanced Workflow - A Dramatic Improvement to Workflow has been made that allows for easier processing of transactions and access to vital Customer, Prospect and Vendor information at your fingertips.

  • Enhanced Field Widths - Company Name and Address Lines have been increased from 24 to 40 Characters.

  • Larger Screen Size - ORDERS Plus now requires a minimum of 800 x 600 Screen Resolution.

  • Enhanced Quantity Pricing - Quantity Pricing Configuration is now dynamically performed directly on the Inventory General Information Screen.

  • New Vendor Parts Inquiry - Allows the user to quickly view a dynamic list of Inventory Items Purchased from the selected Vendor.

  • Enhanced Credit Card Processing - Enhancements in Automatic Credit Card Processing have been made to support the special 4-digit card code to be included with the Credit Card Transaction.

  • Speed Enhancements - Several New Speed Enhancements have been made that allow for quicker line item entry, transaction processing and re-calculation of transactions if changes are made to Sales Rep, Tax Rate or Shipping Method.  The amount of time to display other shipping addresses during the creation of a transaction have also been dramatically decreased.

  • System Auditing - Complete Auditing of certain system functions has been added and can be reviewed by administrators via the Activity Management System.

  • New Hyperlink Functionality - The use of Hyperlink Tools has been greatly expanded to include many Table Selection and Maintenance functions during use.

  • Other Location Information - Several New Enhancements have been made that allow the user to manage detailed information about other locations and contacts for a Customer.  This includes the ability to maintain separate contact, phone, fax and email data for all Customer secondary contacts and/or locations.

  • Advanced Employee Access Rights - Easier Employee Access Rights denotation. Enter the Setup Module and select the User Accounts button

  • Automatic Cross Referencing - Cross-referencing and Customer/Vendor item number, managed automatically through Receiving.

  • Enhanced Job Search Functions - Job Costing ID# hyperlink can be used for searching, even if Job does not exist.

  • Manufacturing - New Production Orders commit Inventory immediately for better Auto-Restocking capabilities. 

  • Manufacturing Cost Accounting - New posting from the Adjustments logs which include all Inventory Adjustments, Work In Progress and Finished Goods management.

  • Batch Posting - New Batch Posting posts ALL Open Invoices, Open Adjustments (see #12 above) Open Purchase Order Receipts.

  • Terms Code #1 Posts Direct to Cash Account - All Invoices using Terms Code #1 will post directly to the CASH account so only the True Accounts receivable Invoices need to be paid in Accounting.

  • Automatic Sub-Assemblies - Automatic creation of Sub-assemblies of Production Orders, if stock not available. The automatically created Production Orders will commit inventory so the Restocking Report includes items needed for Manufacturing.

  • Dynamic Table Maintenance - Pricing and Cost Type Example screen for experimentation in Setup

  • Product Line Pricing - Customer Special Pricing by Product Line

  • User Preferences - Specific User Preferences per User, based upon available External Programs available.

  • Print Menu - ORDERS Plus Gold has a new Print Menu that is displayed when the Print Button is pressed on a Customer, Vendor or Inventory Record. The Print Menu will allow the user to quickly review detailed Sales, Purchasing and Contact History about the Customer, Vendor or Inventory Item, including printing Custom Mailing Labels.

  • Print Preview - When printing any report or form, the user is asked if they want to preview before printing. If selected, the print job is automatically converted to PDF Format and displayed in Adobe Acrobat Reader, preferably 6.0. This will give the user full ability to scroll back and forth between pages, zoom and use other advanced viewing functions typically available when viewing a PDF document. The prior "Print To Window" function is gone forever.

  • Manufacturing (Raw Materials to Work in Progress to Finished Goods) - The ORDERS Plus Bill of Materials and Production Management System will provide the ability to start a job and therefore, put that job in progress. A new inventory field that tracks the Quantity In Progress has been added, along with reports that can be used for monthly adjustments for labor and materials still in progress at the end of the month.

  • Fax and Email Integration - A user can configure ORDERS Plus Gold to use their own Fax Printer Driver and Email Client for computer based faxing and emailing. New Fax and Email Hyperlinks have been added to the Quote, Order, Invoice and Purchase Order screens that when selected, will automatically select your Fax Printer Driver or start Outlook, send the print job and prompt for the respective fax information required by your fax software or create a new email.

  • User Security - The User Security and Access Rights System in ORDERS Plus has been greatly enhanced. Several Advanced Features and other functionality is protected by access rights defined for the user. Where prior versions of ORDERS Plus has 4-5 levels of access, ORDERS Plus Gold now supports as many as 15 levels of access per module based upon the functionality a system administrator wants to extend to the users of ORDERS Plus. This will allow for complete Role Based Security to be implemented. Not to mention, ORDERS Plus is dynamically configured, based upon the user's access rights.

  • Basic & Advanced Line Item Entry - ORDERS Plus Gold now supports 2 different ways to enter line items, along with respective security settings for over 50 different settings including Changing Costs/Selling Price, Commissions and more.

  • Custom Labeling - New Custom Labeling Jobs have been added throughout ORDERS Plus Gold, including Printing Custom Labels for Items on a Sales Order.

  • Inventory Graphics Viewer - ORDERS Plus Gold will support the ability to configure a true graphics package for viewing and/or editing of graphics attached to Inventory Records.

  • Sales Rep Numbers - 999 Sales Rep Numbers are now supported in ORDERS Plus Gold.

  • General Ledger Account Format - 8.3 General Ledger format is now supported in ORDERS Plus Gold along with wider to fields to match BusinessWorks Gold.

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