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General Ledger

General Ledger is the heart of financials and the most powerful.  Combining flexibility with ease of use, General Ledger gives you the critical information you need to make timely and informed business decisions.

General Ledger maintains current financial information, as well as transaction history and budget information for up to nine fiscal years.

General Ledger not only organizes all of your financial information, but can also combine information from multiple companies into a single consolidation company for financial reports.

General Ledger Financial Statements and associated reports are critical for timely decision making. It's imperative that General Ledger be powerful, flexible and informative to management, yet still be easy to use and operate.

You can rest assured that your crucial accounting information is precise and accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

General Features

  • Maintains complete audit trails of all transactions and adjustments made to transactions

  • Includes more than 35 modifiable, industry-specific, sample charts of accounts that can be used to save time when setting up the general ledger

  • Provides inquiry capability to examine account status, balance history, budgets and transactions. Additionally the inquiry option in the general ledger can drill to the source of the original posting

  • Allows quick location of accounts within the chart of accounts with a search feature

  • Unlimited Number of Accounts, each with up to 999 departments.

Maintenance Features

  • Provides consolidation of multiple companies' general ledger data to create a consolidated financial statement

  • Allows departmentalized accounting with up to 999 departments

  • Allows the renaming and renumbering of an account number in the chart of accounts

  • New accounts can be added "on the fly" during journal entry

  • Departmental account duplication feature lets you add accounts quickly


  • Allows full-year budgeting by month, year or percentage for the prior, current and next fiscal year

  • Tracks budget history for up to nine fiscal years

  • Automatically calculates account budgets for the prior, current or next fiscal year, based upon prior or current year actualize as well as budgets from other periods


  • Provides unlimited custom journals for custom use

  • Allows three-line description field for journal entries

  • Allows editing of journal entries (description and voucher reference) after posting

  • Recurring journal entries can be maintained to save data entry time

  • Allows batch posting for recurring entries

  • General ledger won't accept out-of-balance entries

  • Allows authorized users to void transactions

  • Provides a solid audit trail by including the system date as well as posting date for journal entries

  • Journal entries can be imported and exported via text files

Reporting Capabilities

  • Most reports can be sorted or printed by department

  • Allows for customization of financial statements including section headings, page breaks, font styles, sizes and colors.

  • Allows subtotaling and consolidation accounts for custom financial statements

  • Flexible financial statement setup includes period selection, rounded dollar amounts, customized notes, etc.

  • Produces monthly, quarterly, yearly and date range (eg., weekly, semi-monthly, etc.) income statements

  • Can print date sensitive balance sheets (as of a certain day in a month)

  • Allows a date range selection for the trial balance

  • Flash report provides quick overall view of financial strength with various financial ratios.

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