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Inventory Management - FAQ

Our Inventory Management - Frequently Asked Questions will allow you to find answers to some commonly asked questions about our Inventory Management & Control functions and overall work flow.

These questions include topics related to Just In Time & Virtual Inventory, Automatic Stock Replenishment, Vendor Management, Manufacturing Items, Assembling Items, Kitting, Multi-Level Pricing, Cross-Referencing and more...

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Is Inventory Updated In Real-Time?

    Yes.  Items are committed immediately when added to a Sales Order, removed when shipped and added when received.  We also support partial shipments and receipts.

Can We Manage a Virtual Inventory?

    Yes, Inventory Items can be defined as Non-Stock Items and then as an order is taken for a Non-Stock Item, a Purchase Order can be automatically created.

Can We Manage a Just In Time Inventory?

    Yes, if your company wants to purchase inventory based upon current requirements, yet keep no additional stock, our Automatic Stock Purchasing feature in conjunction with the setup of a stock inventory item will allow for a Just In Time Inventory model to be managed.

Can We Automatically Generate Purchase Orders to Replenish Stock Items?

    Yes.  Our Purchase Order system, along with Inventory Control, has the ability to Automatically Generate Purchase Orders for Stock Items based upon the Inventory Item Re-order Point and Amount.  Once the Purchase Orders are generated, the user can make any additional changes and email the purchase orders directly to the Vendor.

Can We Assemble and/or Manufacture Products?

    Yes.  Our Manufacturing and Production Order Management System allows for complete inventory automation and cost accounting for items that are manufactured with no more than 99 sub-assemblies.  Not only does it support build-to-stock, but also build-to-order by allowing certain production activities to be started directly from the time of order entry.  Our system is best for short term production in which it does not take months to get materials in and subsequently months to build the finished good.  Companies that have long lead and production times require the resource planning timelines of a much more expensive MRP system.  Select Here for more information about our Manufacturing and Production system.

Can We Make Adjustments to Actual Inventory and Labor Used After Production?

    Yes.  Prior to Completing the Production Order, you can make adjustments to the actual quantities used of a raw material and/or labor to compensate for overage and underage.

Can We Create & Sell Kits?

    Yes.  The Manufacturing and Production Order Managment system supports the ability to define a single inventory item that consists of other inventory items that make-up a kit.  When the Kit Item is ordered and subsequently shipped, inventory adjustments are automatically made to the individual items of the kit.

How Many Vendors Can Be Setup For A Single Inventory Item?

    Unlimited.  A single inventory item supports the ability to define an unlimited amount of vendors for an inventory item.  The inventory record tracks the Vendor's Item# and Cost perpetually.  Meaning, when a user receives an item from a Purchase Order, the Vendor Item# and Cost is automatically added to the Vendor Listing of an Inventory Item.

How Many Different Pricing Schema's Are Supported?

    Virtually Unlimited.  By default, an Inventory Item can have 6 different Selling Prices that can be either manually defined or automatically calculated based upon either percentage markup from cost, discount off list price or quantity price based.  Every Customer has a default Price Level Code that directly coordinates to one of the 6 different prices defined for an inventory item (excluding qty based priced items).  If that's not enough, you can add our Customer Special Pricing module to define virtually unlimited combinations of selling prices for a specific inventory item or a specific markup or markdown for a group of inventory items for that customer.

Can We Email Purchase Orders?

    Yes, a user can easily email a Purchase Order. A simple click of the mouse will automatically generate an Email for Vendor and attach the Purchase Order as a PDF document to the email. You can add any comments and press the send button. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

How Many Inventory Item Characters Are Supported?

    An Inventory Item can have up to 20 Alpha-Numeric Characters for the Inventory Item#.

How Many Inventory Item Description Characters Are Supported?

    An Inventory Item Description supports up to 400 Alpha-Numeric Characters.  Additionally, when added to a transaction, 400 more characters can be added on the fly.

Can I Check Inventory Availability/Pricing without entering the module?

    Yes, Stock Check is available on every screen in the system.  This provides immediate response to your customer while on the phone.  Items can be located by either partial match to the Item#, Vendor Item# Cross Referencing or 3 Level Relational Categories.  Complete descriptions, current stock status, pricing and the ability to view related documentation is available with a simple click of the mouse.

Can Mfg Price Changes Be Imported?

    Yes, our Update Pricing feature is designed to provide an easy method of updating the cost each and retail price or list price fields contained on an inventory item record using an ASCII file.  This feature is perfect for companies that base their inventory system on manufacturers they represent. When the manufacturer has any price changes, they simply send this data and you can use this feature to update the respective inventory items with the new cost and/or list price.

Can Physical Inventory Counts Collected Using a Hand Held Data Collector Be Imported?

    Yes, Physical Inventory Counts can be imported to update the current On Hand amount of an inventory item using an ASCII file.  Complete auditing and adjustment details can also be displayed on screen or via report.

Does Inventory Support Multiple Warehouses?

    Yes, each inventory item stocked at a different location will have a separate inventory record. Separate warehouse locations are designated by adding a two-digit location code to the inventory item record.  When a new inventory record is created, you will be prompted to select the warehouse location. Upon selecting the warehouse, the two-digit extension is added to the part number. Example: WIDGET-01 where the -01 might represent a warehouse in Chicago, IL. If your company has many different warehouses, this functionality may not be preferred since there is a unique inventory record for each location.  Much more expensive systems use a different approach in which a single inventory record exists with the respective quantities for each location.

Can a Cross Matrix Inventory Model Be Setup?

    Depends, our system does not support a classic cross-matrix inventory typically associated with clothing products in which a style, size and color matrix is represented on each inventory record.  We do have the ability to setup inventory items with different categories and add line items based upon those categories.  Meaning, when adding line items to an order, one could select a STYLE, SIZE and COLOR category to select the correct inventory item.  However, each variation would represent a unique line item on the order.  This works fine for small, specialty manufacturers in which their product line is not large and diverse.  If your company distributes 100% clothing products only, a Cross Matrix Inventory would be required and thus, we might suggest you research a different solution.

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