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Sales Managment - FAQ

Our Sales Management - Frequently Asked Questions will allow you to find answers to some commonly asked questions about our quote, order, invoice and relationship management functions and overall work flow.

These questions include topics related to Back Orders, Recurring Orders, RMA's, Commission Calculations, Restricted Sales Rep Access, Cross-Reference Lookups, Category Searches, Importing, Customization and more...

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Are Backorders Automatically Created?

    Yes, if a Customer Orders 1000 Widgets and you only have 900 in stock, you can immediately partial ship the 900, which will automatically generate an invoice, and then either automatically create a Special or Drop Ship PO for the remaining balance or automatically create stock purchase orders to build up stock based upon your re-order and min/max quantities defined for inventory stock items.

How Are RMA's Managed?

    Yes, special functionality is available in Order Entry, Invoicing and Purchasing modules that will allow you to issue an RMA to your customer, then upon receipt, issue a credit invoice and issue the RMA Purchase Order back to the vendor.

Can I Check Stock Availability/Pricing without entering that module?

    Yes, Stock Check is available on every screen in the system.  This provides immediate response to your customer while on the phone.  Items can be located by either partial match to the Item#, Vendor Item# Cross Referencing or 3 Level Relational Categories.  Complete descriptions, current stock status, pricing and the ability to view related documentation is available with a simple click of the mouse.

Can I Email Quotes, Orders, Invoices and Purchase Orders?

    Yes, a user can easily email transaction. A simple click of the mouse will automatically generate an Email for the Customer or Vendor and attach the Quote, Order, Invoice or Purchase Order as a PDF document to the email.  You can add any comments and press the send button.  It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

How Are Commissions Calculated?

    Commission Calculation features can support the simplest to the most complex structures.

    Commissions are calculated based upon the inventory item sold using Commission Types assigned to individual or groups of inventory items.

    Commission Types determine different commission percentages that will be paid to salespeople. Up to three commission factors for each Commission Type can be setup, rather than a commission based on the entire sale or the specific sales person. This creates a matrix commission based upon the sales representative and the profitability of an item.

    By creating Commission Types, each inventory item can have its own unique commission structure. This allows inventory items with a higher markup percentage to accommodate a larger commission, while inventory items with a lower markup percentage accommodate a lower commission.

    Commission Reports can be based upon Percentage of Sale Price or Profit.

Are The Integrated Financials Required?

    No, our applications can be operated as stand alone Order Processing & Inventory Control applications without requiring GL/AR/AP/PR.

Can Customers, Prospects & Vendors Be Imported?

Yes, Customer, Prospect & Vendor Records can be imported.  Please see these respective topics in the manual for more technical information.  For those without the technical data conversion expertise, we also have a Data Conversation Service available. Select Here for more information.

Can We Process Credit Cards?

    Yes, our Credit Card Processing module allows the user to automatically process Credit Card sale transactions from a Sales Order or Invoice.  Select Here for more information.

How Much Transaction History is Kept?

    Unlimited.  All Quote, Order Entry, Invoicing, Purchasing and Production History is kept.  The phrase "Information is Power" applies and after a couple of years, you'll be amazed at the information that is available with 2 clicks of a mouse.  Additionally, you do also have the option to purge data.

Can We Print Mailing Labels?

    Yes.  Mailing Labels can be printed based upon any amount of user criteria, sales information and categories assigned to Customers, Prospects and Vendors.

Will I Be Notified if a Customer is On-Hold or has reached their Credit Limit?

    Yes, if any transaction is attempted to be processed or created and that Customer's Credit Limit has been exceeded or the Customer is on Credit Hold, the user will be automatically notified. (Feature Only Available w/Integrated Financials installed)

Can We Add Line Items Using a Vendor's Item#?

    Yes, cross-referencing is supported which allows the user to enter a Vendor Item# during line item entry and it will display the matching Inventory Item# and ask the user to confirm selection.  This feature is also available when using the Stock Check feature.

Can We Add Line Items Using Inventory Categories?

    Yes, 3 Search Categories can be assigned to an inventory item.  During Inventory Lookups and Line Item Entry, items can be located using a 3 Level Drill Down functionality.

Can We Add Line Items Using a Customer Item#?

    Yes.  you can associate a Customer's Item# to a specific inventory item and then cross reference to the inventory item# during Line Item Entry.  Not to mention, the Customer's Item# will also print out on all pick tickets, packing slips and invoices.  You can even print custom bar-code labels that can be affixed to the items before they are shipped.

Can Orders Be Imported From Our Online Shopping Cart?

Yes, the eCommerce Toolkit and Interface Engine can import orders received from your shopping cart into the order entry system and update your shopping cart with up-to-date customer, inventory and pricing information.  Select Here for more information.

Can Management Audit User Activities?

    Yes, we keep track of detailed user activities like login, editing and deleting records.  Inventory Adjustments are also tracked in detail.

Can User Access Be Restricted to Certain Functions?

    Yes, there is a very comprehensive Role Based Access Right Management System which is configured on a per user basis.

Can Sales Reps Be Denied Access To Other Sales Rep Accounts?

    Yes, we have a Special Permission called "Restricted Sales Rep Mode".  When enabled, this allows sales reps to only view customers and transactions which have been assigned to their specific Sales Rep#.  Of course, there is also a "Relationship Manager" permission, which is assigned to all managers providing complete access to all of the information.

Can We Bill One Company and Ship To Another?

    Yes.  Sales Orders allow the user to change the shipping location on the fly.  If your customer's have you ship to a different location more than once, it can also be added as a secondary ship to location for that customer and be automatically selected during the creation of a subsequent transaction.  Unlimited Secondary Ship To Locations & Contact Locations can be maintained.

Can We Setup Standard Recurring Orders?

    Yes.  Quote Templates can be setup the reflect the items to be sold and the period in which they are shipped.  A background task or manually invoked program will then automatically analysis the system and produce orders based upon the setup and shipping periods.  If your requirements are not that complex, our Duplication feature will duplicate an existing Quote, Sales Order or Purchase Order which will save time when simply replicating a transaction on a non-recurring, periodic basis.

Does Order Entry Interface with UPS Worldship?

Yes.  Our Order Entry application can be setup to integrate with UPS Worldship.  The user can input the invoice transaction number and automatically enter the shipment information without having to re-key address information.  Additionally, the end of day processing allows the user to import tracking numbers and shipping costs back into the invoicing module and recalculate the shipping cost on the invoice.

Can We Use Crystal Reports?

    Yes.  A special feature is available in the system which allows a core data set to periodically exported to a secure folder on your network in a commonly used format.  This allows other 3rd Party Products, like Crystal Reports to read this information for reporting purposes.

Is There an EDI Interface?

    No.  We currently do not currently support any EDI interface.  EDI orders are simply entered into the system manually.

Is Your System Suitable for a Retail POS Environment?

    That depends.  Our system is not best for a classic retail environment in which your primary income comes from people walking into your store, purchasing a $1.00 widget and walking out.  However, it is well suited for companies that have some walk in traffic since certain quick check out and POS features are included.  If your overall walk-in cash revenue, not including walk-in customers with net terms, represents 10-15% of your total revenue with the balance consisting of mail order and/or distribution income, our system should be strongly considered.  Especially since most POS systems are not designed for industrial inventory and order processing requirements.

Can ORDERS Plus Be Customized?

  1. The first question to ask yourself is whether or not the requirement is a simple Custom Report or Printed Form, or an enhancement that requires additional functionality during operations.  Custom Forms and Reports can be done with out much expense.  Custom changes to the software can often be accomplished.  Our team is available on a fixed price basis to discuss your custom engineering requirements and develop a proposal.  Select Here for more information.

What Database and Language Are Your Applications Written In?

  1. Proprietary.  Both the language and relational database engine used by our applications are proprietary.  Source Code is not available.  However, Custom Reports, Programming, the use of Crystal Reports and ability to integrate datasets with SQL server are standard.

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